EXF 4-bolt flange bearing units

316 stainless steel 4-bolt flange bearing

This 4-bolt flange unit can be used in applications where ample space is provided for mounting the housing. The four bolts provide substantial mounting security for high load applications.

The housing is made of stainless steel (grade 316) which is rustproof and resistant to corrosion from seawater. It is also resistant to all cleaning products and chemicals. The rounded corners and smooth surfaces make these units very easy to clean.

The units are delivered complete with a spherical roller bearing insert that enables the bearing block to carry up to five times more load than conventional bearings. Spherical roller bearings have the advantage that they provide a much larger load capacity than ball bearings and can accommodate axial force.

Many sealing options are possible. Each possesses different properties depending on the application. We would be pleased to advise you on the best choice of seal.

Extreme bearings below ground level

The EXF Extreme Bearing was used below ground level on two shafts of a conveyor belt that moves a car through the various machines of a conveyor tunnel car wash.

TypdBCT1H2JLL1NGrease holeBasic load ratring
KN for spherical roller bearing
Basic load ratring
KN for double roll ball bearing
Axial movementSeal seat
EXF-02828,571 1/8264860128310810812M68188165,23,547×7
EXF-030301 2/11
EXF-A3030,161 3/16
EXF-03231,751 1/4285060129211811813M688100196,53,552×7
EXF-A3534,91 3/8
EXF-035351 17/45
EXF-03736,511 7/162851621210113013014M695105227,53,562×7
EXF-03838,11 1/2
EXF-040401 23/40
EXF-04342,861 11/163257691210513713716M610012022,98,1462×7
EXF-04444,451 3/4
EXF-045451 3/4
EXF-04949,21 15/163460731211114314818M6120140259,6472×7
EXF-050501 31/32
EXF-05453,92 1/83462741413016216218M61451753011,2472×7
EXF-055552 1/6
EXF-05655,562 3/163666791414317517518M618022032,512,5482×7
EXF-05757,152 1/4
EXF-060602 25/69
EXF-06261,912 7/164271912020325755351/8″ BSP190250xx7100×10
EXF-06463,52 1/2
EXF-065652 52/93
EXF-06868,262 11/16467710420152193193191/8″ BSP210275xx9100×10
EXF-A7069,852 3/4
EXF-070702 65/86
EXF-A7574,612 15/16478710424159200200191/8″ BSP250325xx9110×12
EXF-075752 20/21
EXF-080803 3/20488410823165208208231/8″ BSP305410xx5110×12
EXF-08180,93 3/16
EXF-08382,553 1/4
EXF-08787,313 7/16468710428187235235231/8″ BSP375500xx12130×12
EXF-08988,93 1/2
EXF-090903 25/46
EXF-1001003 15/165910412730308380100481/8″ BSP530700xx10130×12

Footnotes: T¹ The dimension T gets a maximum 6 millimetres wider when the bearing unit is assembled with centrifugal seals.

316 stainless steel 4-bolt flange bearing

Extreme Bearing units are intended for loads acting vertically towards the base plate support. Therefore, if the bearing housing is supported over its entire base, loads are limited only by the load limits of the bearing insert. If loads acting in other directions occur or if the housing is not supported over its entire base area, check that the magnitude of the load is permissible for the bolt assembly attached to the machine frame.

The load capability is limited by the bolt fastening

Loads acting vertically toward the base plate

Type EXF 4 bolt flange bearings

Load directions for type EXF 4 bolt flange bearings
Load directions for type EXF 4 bolt flange bearings
Load directions for type EXF 4 bolt flange bearings

Tensioner stud

The EXF bearing unit can be provided with a tensioner stud. In that case, the load can act in the opposite direction to the threaded rod. This is a unique feature of this type of Extreme Bearing.

Tensioner stud
Tensioner stud
Tensioner stud